Gorgeous, detailed outdoor maps in Fatmap

Topographic maps have always been able to show the highs and lows, paths and tracks, rivers and gorges of wilderness regions in great detail. Reading and understanding a topographic (printed and digital) takes some time because many things have to be displayed as symbols. Now, outdoor activities can be planned on a PC (if you want to view the area where you are going on a large screen), and once you have reached your destination and start your adventure, you can navigate and track your route on a mobile device. The service is called Fatmap.

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Is the Pacific Crest Trail the Camino for American hikers?

The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,650 miles (4,265 kilometers) from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. Completing the entire trail is only for the toughest hikers, but sections of the trail are used by hundreds of thousands of outdoor lovers annually.

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The greatest hiking trails on the mountains around the world

In reality, it is impossible to name the greatest hiking trail in the world, because every outdoors lover has his or her own favorite. In addition, what are the criteria to be nominated as the best hiking trail? Scenery, level of experience and fitness required, safety, frequent signposts, or services? Karen Berger decided to choose 80 routes around the world for her book The Great Hiking Trails of the World, and here, she picks the best ones from random categories.
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