Tips for planning a week, month and six months long trip in Europe

Coimbra, Portugal, central square in old town
Coimbra, Portugal.

Exploring Europe is easier than many travelers realize when planning a trip to the old continent. In many regions, fabulous destinations are only a couple of hours away from one another (by car or train). Nonetheless, time tends to run out because there is so much to see. Here are a few tips for visiting Europe if you have a week, a month or six months time to experience it.

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Tips for finding the right place to stay in Algarve, Portugal for longer than a week

Carvoeiro beach, fishing village, fishermen's beach in Algarve, Portugal.
Carvoeiro beach, fishing village, fishermen’s beach in Algarve, Portugal.

The south coast of Portugal – the Algarve Province – attracts holidaymakers in summer, and digital nomads, remote workers, and retirees in autumn, winter and spring. Whereas visitors who are on vacation need a place to stay for one or two weeks, other travelers are looking for a place for a month or for a longer time. Here are a few tips on where and how to find the right kind of accommodation in Algarve.

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A travel guide to Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland in North Europe, is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in Europe. There are two reasons for it: air travel from Asia and cruise ships.

The Finnish airline Finnair has managed establish regular flights to Chinese cities and other major cities in Asia by marketing Helsinki as the gateway to Europe. The Asian tourists change planes in Helsinki and stay a night exploring Helsinki’s sights.

Another major group of tourists arrives in Helsinki on cruise ships that are touring the Baltic Sea.

The Best of Helsinki is a travel guidebook for tourists who like to absorb information via images and maps. The book is clearly designed to be a visual guide that shows the places to explore and helps visitors navigate in the destination.

This guidebook can be browsed in order to get an overall understanding what the city has to offer, and once interesting sights or attractions has been discovered, it is easy to study details of those places that seem interesting.

I found the chapter that describes the places and events local people like the best as the most valuable. Those tips will definitely be on my agenda when I plan my trip to Helsinki.

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The Best of Helsinki travel guide