The bestselling electric cars in the world

Nissan Leaf Plus e-car

The bestselling electric car in the world comes from Japan: the Nissan Leaf. That’s what the statistics from the last five years show us. Almost half of the world’s electric cars are rolling on the roads of China. More than million e-cars are whizzing on the roads in the US as well as in Europe.

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The popularity of overseas solo travel is increasing rapidly

Traveling alone to overseas destinations has become popular during the last few years. Who are these people who like to explore the world on their own way and how do they do it? An experienced solo traveler from North America has collected valuable information on the rising trend. Here are the key data points.

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The Mediterranean region was the big winner of tourists in 2017

Many tourists like to go to places where practically everyone else has been or destinations where they themselves have visited before. That is why the big trends in travel destinations change very slowly. Nonetheless, looking at the UNWTO tourism statistics for 2017, many travelers are also quick to change their destinations when they have a good reason for it. In 2017, the Mediterranean region, especially South Europe and North Africa, was the big winner in international tourist arrivals.

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10 most visited sites in the world

Many travelers, including myself, would have picked the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France as the most visited site in the world, but according to the statistics collected by El Viajero of El Pais, the Great Wall of China takes the number one spot. Still, 5 out of 10 most visited monuments in the world are in Europe.

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Top 20 tourist regions of Europe

Europe is the most popular tourist destination in the world, but anyone who has traveled in the continent knows how different the countries are. Which countries and which regions exactly are the most visited in Europe? The European Union has vast databases of information on tourism that reveals interesting details where travelers like to stay.
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The hottest travel destinations in Europe in 2017

Trends and favorite tourist destinations gradually change with time, but this year, the change has been fast. European Travel Commission published a report in July 2017 that summarized the trends in numbers.

One of the most interesting pieces of information in the report is the hot destinations of Europe in 2017. The hottest destinations are Iceland, Montenegro and Malta.
Iceland by Moyan Brenn
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