Here is the best dash cam for a road trip

It was on a road trip to southern France where I realized I should have filmed some of the spectacular sceneries along the route that went over and through the Alps. After that trip, I began testing different types of dash cams (small cameras that are attached to the car’s dashboard or windshield). To my own surprise, I finally settled for an old camera phone that got a new life as my dash cam, but this article features recommendations for ordinary types of dash cams as well.
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The greatest hiking trails on the mountains around the world

In reality, it is impossible to name the greatest hiking trail in the world, because every outdoors lover has his or her own favorite. In addition, what are the criteria to be nominated as the best hiking trail? Scenery, level of experience and fitness required, safety, frequent signposts, or services? Karen Berger decided to choose 80 routes around the world for her book The Great Hiking Trails of the World, and here, she picks the best ones from random categories.
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Guidebook to Gothenburg, Sweden and the West Coast

The City of Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city after the capital Stockholm, but Gothenburg is closer to Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway than it is to Stockholm. Scandinavian city life mixed with international trends from Continental Europe is perhaps Gothenburg’s asset as far as city life goes.
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