Top 5 destinations for nature photographers in Europe’s Arctic wilderness, Lapland

Lapland in Scandinavia is a large Arctic region where wildlife strives and unique landscapes await outdoor lovers and photographers. The land of reindeer, fells, fjords, rivers, and Sami people is accessible by air, road and rail. Erin Dahl, who has written a travel guide to Lapland, had a chat with us, and this is what she told about landscape photography opportunities in the far north.

Rovaniemi, Finland, Lapland. Arctic Circle.The Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. Read the story “Top 5 destinations for nature photographers in Europe’s Arctic wilderness, Lapland”

Tips for viewing the Midnight Sun in Lapland, Scandinavia

The longest day of the year (most daylight hours, or summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere is on June 21st, give or take one day. If you want to see the midnight sun in Lapland, you don’t have to be in the region on that particular day, because the Midnight Sun entertains visitors and locals longer than one night. Here are a few tips for ensuring the perfect Midnight Sun experience.
Inarijärvi, Finland. Read the story “Tips for viewing the Midnight Sun in Lapland, Scandinavia”

Finland can be fun

Summers are full of light in Nordic countries – that much we knew already, but the book The Lighter Side of Finland claims that it is not all grey and gloomy in winter, either. The book is an entertaining description of the Scandinavian country that is renowned for its education system, racing car drivers, and Nokia (well, used to be, anyway).

For a tourist, the biggest attraction is the capital Helsinki, followed by Lapland, lake district in the East and the South-West archipelago. This book, however, is not a travel guide (even though it includes a few travel tips as well), but a warm and fun account of the culture, people, traditions, food and sauna etiquette.

It is a well-written book that is a pleasure to read even if your next travel destination wouldn’t be Finland, but if it is, and you are interested what makes the nation tick, this book is worth your time.

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