Why visit Valencia instead of Barcelona in Spain

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Overtourism (too many tourists in the same place at the same time – crowds so large that they negatively affect the daily life of residents) is a serious problem in the world’s most popular travel destinations. Particularly legendary European cities and ancient towns are planning ways to restrict the number of visitors. The New York […]

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Rent a Finn provides hosts for visitors but which one to choose for a trip to Finland?

a scenery in FInland's lakeland district: Koli.
Koli, a scenery in eastern Finland lake district.

Here is an exceptional travel initiative from Finland: for June, July and August 2019, visitors can apply for a genuine Finn to host and guide them for three days. The purpose is to introduce the way of life that has made Finland the happiest nation in the world in 2018 (according to this report). The hosts will do whatever they do at home, at a cottage, or during their leisure time activities.

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Trending city destination in South Europe: Valencia is a genuine Spanish experience

Estacio Nord, Valencia, Spain

For years, Valencia has been a popular destination for Spanish seeking a break in a historic city, grand carnivals and beaches. Over the years, Americans, tourists from other Europeans countries and recently also Asians have discovered Valencia. Some visitors like to explore the historic city center, others admire the ultra-modern City of Arts and Sciences, sun lovers head to the beaches, whereas others want to join a genuine Spanish fiesta. A travel guide shows you what the city of Valencia has to offer for visitors.

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Top 5 must-see ancient sights in Valencia, Spain

Barrio del Carme.

As the travel guidebook author puts it: Valencia is a city of contrasts. Magnificent old city center where tourists can explore majestic buildings and ancient shops and bars. Take a ten minute walk outside the old town, and discover the ultra modern City of Arts and Sciences that takes the breath away even from a bored traveler. Here are five top sights in the historical city center of Valencia in Spain.

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If you are traveling in a region where polar bears roam, here is something you shouldn’t do

If you are on a journey in the far north, above the Arctic Circle in the land of polar bears, here is an important thing to know. Whatever you do, don’t approach the animal. First, it is dangerous, since polar bear is regarded as one of the most dangerous predator in the world. Second, approaching polar bears is forbidden, and you may get a hefty ticket for it.

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Photography tips for travelers who are planning a trip to Iceland

Iceland in Scandinavia, North Europe is one the hottest travel destinations at the moment. The number of tourists to Iceland has grown so much so rapidly that the authorities are considering ways to limit arrivals. It is an island with little inhabitable space, and there are only 340 000 residents in the entire country.

Nonetheless, it is possible and perfectly all right to travel to Iceland and tour the capital Reykjavik and the natural wonders of the country. For photographers, Iceland has plenty of opportunities for capturing memorable pictures.

Iceland, Kirkjufjell by Moonjazz
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Guidebook to Gothenburg, Sweden and the West Coast

The City of Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city after the capital Stockholm, but Gothenburg is closer to Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway than it is to Stockholm. Scandinavian city life mixed with international trends from Continental Europe is perhaps Gothenburg’s asset as far as city life goes.
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A travel guide to Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland in North Europe, is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in Europe. There are two reasons for it: air travel from Asia and cruise ships.

The Finnish airline Finnair has managed establish regular flights to Chinese cities and other major cities in Asia by marketing Helsinki as the gateway to Europe. The Asian tourists change planes in Helsinki and stay a night exploring Helsinki’s sights.

Another major group of tourists arrives in Helsinki on cruise ships that are touring the Baltic Sea.

The Best of Helsinki is a travel guidebook for tourists who like to absorb information via images and maps. The book is clearly designed to be a visual guide that shows the places to explore and helps visitors navigate in the destination.

This guidebook can be browsed in order to get an overall understanding what the city has to offer, and once interesting sights or attractions has been discovered, it is easy to study details of those places that seem interesting.

I found the chapter that describes the places and events local people like the best as the most valuable. Those tips will definitely be on my agenda when I plan my trip to Helsinki.

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The Best of Helsinki travel guide