Seat Mii electric compact car challenges the competition with price

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As competition in electric vehicle markets is building up, product price inevitably becomes a factor automakers have to consider. Seat, a Volkswagen Group car brand, has thrown out a challenge to its competitors with the small Seat Mii electric car. At the launch campaign in February 2020, the Mii will be available at about 17 000 euros. The normal retail price is about 21 000 euros.

You can check the availability of the Mii in your market at Seat’s home page.

The remarkable thing is that according to brief test drives by experts, the Seat Mii is a proper compact car, not a cheap plastic knockoff. For instance, Motorpasion took the Mii for a spin in a city and on a autobahn and was pretty happy with the experience. The Sunday Times test drivers concluded that the Mii is in its element in urban environment, but not on road trips.

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This is a really small car with four compact seats, and with a tiny trunk. Its outer dimensions are: length 355 cm / 140 inches, width 164 cm / 65 inches without side mirrors, height 148 cm / 58 inches.

The electric engine can produce 61kW (83hp) from a battery of 32 kWh. The range, as measured according to the WLTP mixed drive test is 259 km / 160 miles, and km 358 / 222 miles in WLTP city drive test.

Elmotor reports that during the launch campaign Seat will bring and install a charger to the new owner’s home. The home charger takes 13 to 15 hours to fully top up the batteries. At a rapid charging station, the battery fills up to 80% level in an hour.

Despite the competitive price, the Seat Mii features some nice details, like a traffic sign reminder, lane assistant and hill hold control. Entertainment and mobile device connectivity is managed by a system with a 5-inch colour display that has Bluetooth, USB and SD card slot. 6 loudspeakers provide audio to every corner of the vehicle. Features, like heated mirrors and heated sport seats will please drivers in cool climates.

seat mii, low-cost electric car

Photos by Seat.

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