Safety doesn’t mean boring: the safest cities in the world 2017 are exciting travel destinations

A safe travel destination doesn’t mean it is a boring place. On the contrary, if we take a look at the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking for the world’s safest cities in 2017, for instance, Amsterdam has a fairly large red light district with cannabis cafés in the city center, but it still is the sixth safest city in the world. The safest city in the world is Japan’s capital Tokyo.

Tokyo. Photo by Toomore Chiang. The 2017 Safe Cities Index measures four categories of security: digital, health, infrastructure and physical, and six other indicators. The index covers 60 cities.

Top 10 safest cities in the world 2017 according to the Economist Intelligence Unit:

    1. Tokyo, Japan
    2. Singapore
    3. Osaka, Japan
    4. Toronto, Canada
    5. Melbourne, Australia
    6. Amsterdam, Netherlands
    7. Sydney, Australia
    8. Stockholm, Sweden
    9. Hong Kong
    10. Zurich, Switzerland

The ranking for all the 60 cities is in the chart below.

safest cities in the world by Economist Intelligence Unit
Here is an important point about the ranking: it covers only 60 cities across the world. If you find other studies on safety of countries and cities, you may see more Scandinavian, Australian, German, Swiss, Austrian, British, Dutch, and French cities high in the chart. The Economist Intelligence Unit simply doesn’t track more than 60 cities, but it doesn’t mean that the cities, for instance, in Germany would be unsafe.

Travelers who want to avoid risks should reconsider their itineraries if the plan includes any of the following cities that were ranked as the least safe in 2017:

    Karachi, Pakistan (the least safe city)
    Yangon, Myanmar
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Manila, Philippines
    Caracas, Venezuela
    Quito, Ecuador
    Tehran, Iran
    Cairo, Egypt
    Johannesburg, South Africa.

What about the world’s safest countries? If a city is safe, is the entire country also safe?

The Global Peace Index (the number after each country is its calculated safety index) has ranked the safety of countries, and this is how the top 20 looks like (view the safety map and the entire ranking at the nonfiction ebook publisher’s site):

    1 Iceland 1.192
    2 Denmark 1.246
    3 Austria 1.278
    4 New Zealand 1.287
    5 Portugal 1.356
    6 Czech Republic 1.360
    7 Switzerland 1.370
    8 Canada 1.388
    9 Japan 1.395
    10 Slovenia 1.408
    11 Finland 1.429
    12 Ireland 1.433
    13 Bhutan 1.445
    14 Sweden 1.461
    15 Australia 1.465
    16 Germany 1.486
    17 Norway 1.500
    18 Belgium 1.528
    19 Hungary 1.534
    20 Singapore 1.535

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