Renault believes electric delivery vans are ready to lower business costs

Renault Master ZR electric van

Each automaker believes it has the answer for the breakthrough electric car that will become the first EV mega success. Tesla believes in high-end electric cars, Nissan in small compact cars, Audi in electric sports vehicles, Volkswagen in the successors of Golf and Transporter (I.D.), but Renault has another approach. The automaker is marketing electric vans to be used for delivering goods in cities.

Renault has launched a campaign in Britain where the company showcases electric vans Master Z.E., Kangoo Z.E. 33 and the tiny city vehicle Twizy Cargo. Perhaps the new Twizy Cargo can be used for pizza deliveries, but Kangoo and Master are popular vans that many types of professionals and businesses have used for years to move tools, cargo, and people from one place to another.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

The electric versions of the Kangoo and the Master have roughly the same dimensions as the petrol engine models. Renault has set the electric (Z.E.) vehicle prices at slightly higher level than the price of respective petrol cars. The electric vans can carry about the same load as their petrol-burning forefathers.

Both the Kangoo Z.E. and the Master Z.E. have relatively small batteries. The real life range is about 100 km – more in favourable conditions and low speeds, and less in cold and high speeds. For a vehicle designed for city traffic, the range should be enough for a workday. Charge the battery over night, and in the morning the van is ready to go.

From left: electric cars Renault Zoe, Twizy, and Kangoo.

Autoexpress took the Master Z.E. and the Kangoo Z.E. for a test drive – view the video below. The magazine also calculated the costs for using electric vans in city traffic against petrol vans. The difference is significant to the advantage of electric vans.

Via Commercial Fleet.

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