Planning to travel in Europe? Here are the priciest and most affordable Euro countries

One important thing that makes traveling in Europe, especially in countries that have joined the Euro, easy is the common money. You can cross borders, for instance, from France to Italy or from Estonia to Finland without having to worry about currency rates or having to search for a currency exchange kiosk. For travelers, the Euro is the best thing since the bottled water was invented, but also statisticians can take advantage of the common currency, because it makes comparisons between regions easier. Now, Luxembourg has been ranked as the most expensive country in the Euro zone.

Gardens in Luxembourg. Photo by Kristoffer Trolle. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the price level of the most expensive EU country Luxembourg is double than the least expensive country Lithuania.

EUro zone price index by Bloomberg Businessweek
The top three most expensive Euro countries (Luxembourg, Ireland, Finland) are at their own high price level, followed by the medium price level (Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Italy).

The low cost countries are a fairly large and diverse group of nations: Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Lithuania.

Spain, Greece and Portugal are relatively large countries where millions of tourists already visit annually, but many other low cost Euro countries can be new exciting destinations for travelers.

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