Planning a road trip in Europe? Think twice before driving in these cities

Certain regions of Europe and especially, a number of big cities on the continent have so much traffic that inevitably, roads become congested during peak hours. If you are planning a road trip in Europe, the best thing is that it is very easy and usually fast to drive from one country to another, but the downside is that some cities can be choked with vehicles. Here is the top 20 ranking for the most congested cities in Europe.

Bucharest, Romania, Photo by Giuseppe Milo. Navigation company TomTom maintains a traffic index that measures congestion in cities across the world. Here is the ranking for 20 cities with worst traffic congestions in Europe (Bucharest has the longest delays in traffic flow in Europe).

    1. Bucharest, Romania
    2. Moscow, Russia
    3. Saint Petersburg, Russia
    4. London, United Kingdom
    5. Marseille, France
    6. Rome, Italy
    7. Paris, France
    8. Brussels, Belgium
    9. Manchester, United Kingdom
    10. Athens, Greece
    11. Warsaw, Poland
    12. Cologne, Germany
    13. Naples, Italy
    14. Hamburg, Germany
    15. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
    16. Newcastle-Sunderland, UK
    17. Vienna, Austria
    18. Barcelona, Spain
    19. Milan, Italy
    20. Munich, Germany

My experience, for instance, in Barcelona in northern Spain (Catalonia) has been that the traffic flows quite nicely once you are in the city. In the outskirts of the city, however, where ring roads and highways bring vehicles to junctions and intersections, the traffic can be mind blowing busy, fast, and feel somewhat dangerous. Why is Barcelona still considered a congested city?

TomTom has the answer. The navigation devices attached to the dashboards measure the ordinary travel time along the roads of a city. It also measures the travel time during hours when the roads are full of vehicles. This is how TomTom can compute the differences in travel times. Moreover, the company takes into account local roads, arterials and also highways, which explains the case of Barcelona.

European cities are not, however, hopelessly congested if compared to other cities across the world. Top 10 most congested cities in the world according to the TomTom traffic index are:

    1. Mexico City, Mexico
    2. Bangkok, Thailand
    3. Jakarta, Indonesia
    4. Chongqing, China
    5. Bucharest, Romania
    6. Istanbul, Turkey
    7. Chengdu, China
    8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    9. Tainan, Taiwan
    10. Beijing, China

Although Mexico City has the worst traffic in the world, it is clear that the continent with the most problematic cities is Asia.

Via El Motor.

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