Photography tips for travelers who are planning a trip to Iceland

Iceland in Scandinavia, North Europe is one the hottest travel destinations at the moment. The number of tourists to Iceland has grown so much so rapidly that the authorities are considering ways to limit arrivals. It is an island with little inhabitable space, and there are only 340 000 residents in the entire country.

Nonetheless, it is possible and perfectly all right to travel to Iceland and tour the capital Reykjavik and the natural wonders of the country. For photographers, Iceland has plenty of opportunities for capturing memorable pictures.

Iceland, Kirkjufjell by Moonjazz
Photographer Jim Harmer has fallen in love with Iceland, and written a guidebook for travel photographers about the country. The book lists locations where it is possible to take spectacular images, but it is also a travel guidebook to Iceland. It talks about the traffic, prices, weather, clothing, and other things you need to be aware of when planning a trip to Iceland.

The book available for free at Improve Photography. For instance, here are a few useful items that you need to pack for your Iceland trip according to Jim Harmer’s guidebook:

    Raincoat: Waterproof outer layer with taped seams.
    Water resistant pants.
    Warm inner layers (wool)
    Warm wool socks
    Waterproof boots
    Camera backpack
    Camera rain cover
    Wide angle lens
    Extra batteries
    Extra memory cards
    Power adapter.
    Cell phone.
    Tripod and ball head
    Power converter for the car
    Cell phone external battery charger
    Noise-cancelling headphones
    An empty water bottle

I must say that he is carrying a lot of stuff with him (the list above is only an extract from the full list in the book). Having traveled in the Nordic countries, having clothes for the weather is a must, but an external battery charger for a mobile phone is something I have never needed. But then, I carry two smartphones with me, because of maps and navigation consume plenty of battery energy.

Travelers who are interested in Scandinavia and the wilderness of the north can check out what a travel guide for Lapland has to say about the region and touring it.

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