Top 5 Nordic cities

Gothenburg is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Regarding Scandinavia, I would rank the top 5 Nordic cities like so:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Gothenburg, Sweden
3. Tromsö, Norway
4. Turku, Finland
5. Uppsala, Sweden.

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My favorite places in Gothenburg:
– Haga. A lovely old neighborhood.
– Slottsskogen. A large park in the outskirts of city center. Features a small zoo.
– The canals. Gothenburg was originally protected by walls and canals. The walls have disappeared but the canals still circle the old city center.

This is where Swedes go for vacation when they don’t want to travel overseas

The long coast in the South-West Sweden is a beautiful and historically rich destination where Swedes like to spend their summer vacations. The archipelago has a lot to offer: the sea, the sun, sailing, fishing, golfing, cycling, hiking, and exploring historical castles and fortresses. The city of Gothenburg is the central place on the West Coast.

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A tour in Antibes, France

Antibes on Cote d’Azur (Riviera) in Southern France is one my favorite towns. Once you leave the busy traffic of coastal roads behind, and approach the old town, the port and the Mediterranean Sea, you realize why so many French and foreigners want to visit or live in Antibes. The town is located between Nice and Cannes that everyone knows, but Antibes is even more charming than its more widely known neighbors.

The last time I visited Antibes, I drove directly to the large car park located by the port, and started walking. A bicycle is another good choice to explore Antibes – even the old town.

This trip to Riviera was one of the many that were required to collect information for the travel guidebook The Gems of Nice and the French Riviera.

antibes, france

antibes, france

antibes, france