Goggles and Dust

Everyone who is interested in sports and especially road cycling – think of Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix – is bound to learn something about the sport’s history when getting to know the sport. For one or another, history is present bicycle racing. Old winners are respected, stories of their victories remembered even if the champions are long gone.

Goggles and Dust is a book that shows you in detail how cyclists used to race in the last century. The images are simply fascinating. When you carefully study the photographs, you also learn a lot about Europe’s history.

Goggles and Dust is absolute must for cycling fans and people who are interested in last hundred years of Europe’s history. Photographers find the pictures in the book educating – it is a photo book where only the best historical images have carefully been chosen.

Swing style Bungee jump off a bridge

When you travel you encounter pretty random people, events and things that you never expected. This event is one of them. We were hiking along a river canyon in Northern Europe when we heard loud screaming above us. Sure enough, someone had jumped off a bridge and was swinging above the river.

We took a break and decided to wait for the next brave girl who would perform her own Bungee swing jump. Two professional guys were operating the ropes on the bridge.

Looks like fun, and for some reason, not quite as daredevilish as a Bungee jump straight down.