Tips for planning a week, month and six months long trip in Europe

Coimbra, Portugal, central square in old town
Coimbra, Portugal.

Exploring Europe is easier than many travelers realize when planning a trip to the old continent. In many regions, fabulous destinations are only a couple of hours away from one another (by car or train). Nonetheless, time tends to run out because there is so much to see. Here are a few tips for visiting Europe if you have a week, a month or six months time to experience it.

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Some cities struggle with tourist crowds

Everyone who has visited a popular, well-known tourist destination during the high season has experienced the crowds, endless queues, and overpriced cafes. Overtourism has been recognized as an emerging problem, especially, in some European cities, whereas other cities are spending plenty of money in campaigns to attract more travelers. WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council) and JLL have produced a report that studies a number of cities across the world, and their ability to respond to the growing numbers of visitors.

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Mont Blanc: Long-Distance Hikes and Mountain Hospitality

From: Rick Steves’ Travel Blog

I was just in the Alps with my TV crew, filming three new episodes of Rick Steves Europe. We spent a couple of days hiking (and filming) on the Tour du Mont Blanc trail, in the French Alps. It’s a whole parallel world there, away from the tourist crowds and intensity of the Alpine resorts, and really peaceful. 

After just a taste of this classic long-distance hike, I am dreaming of coming back and doing the entire loop and once again, I’m reminded that you can never run out of rewarding corners of Europe to explore.  

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Segway-Ninebot electric scooter can return to the home base autonomously

Segway-Ninebot Kickscooter T60 self-driving

In many cities, small electric scooters can be rented for short trips for a little money. The scooters provide easy and relatively fast transportation for locals and tourists, but the downside is that scooters are left in parks, streets, doorways, and other places where they do not belong. Segway-Ninebot has developed an electric scooter that can return to its base after a ride has ended.

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Google has made navigation a little bit easier for travelers with Live View

google  maps live view AR app for navigation

One of the most promising applications for augmented reality technology is navigation. You can view the place where you are on your phone or tablet screen, and augmented reality adds an instructional layer on top of the image to help you go to the right direction.

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