Opportunistic behavior requires etiquette for electric and petrol car drivers

petrol station in Croatia: e-car drivers demonstrating
View Gavin Shoebridge’s video clip below.

New technologies create new needs and new behavioral problems for the human kind. It takes time before a new worldwide etiquette that majority of people are willing to follow has been agreed. Electric vehicle charging stations exist for a reason: drivers have to top up their batteries once in awhile. Petrol engine car drivers sometimes see empty spaces at charging stations as free car parks. A conflict is inevitable. In Croatia, e-car owners had enough recently, and organized a demonstration against badly behaving petrol heads.

A group of electric car drivers blocked this gas station in Europe today to highlight the annoyance of gas clunkers blocking EV charging spots. While I understand their motive, I’m not sure about this… pic.twitter.com/k452nfxaHu— Gavin Shoebridge (@KiwiEV) December 10, 2019

Gavin Shoebridge recorded a video clip, followed the event and reported on Twitter:

“Well, some news: I just found out that the ‘protest’ lasted 6 minutes and each driver went inside and purchased something, so they were all customers anyway. Interesting.”

Unfortunately, behavior like this is going to be a problem just like this article and a featured video clip described earlier in the US as well.

From the police point of view in most countries, this is still a minor problem that doesn’t deserve action. Twitter users who have commented on the event in Croatia have reported cases, for instance, in Belgium where parking in a charging station didn’t interest local police at all.

My concern is that serious conflicts are inevitable if authorities don’t clearly point out what is right and what is wrong.

Last summer, when I traveled in southern Europe, I discovered many new places with electric vehicle charging points. Petrol stations are obviously getting ready for e-car customers, but also grocery stores, and parking complexes have installed outlets for charging a car while shopping or having lunch. South Europe is not exactly a leader in electric vehicle adoption, and most charging stations were still waiting for customers. Drivers of petrol engine cars, however, routinely parked in spaces reserved for charging electric cars, for instance, in Spain.

parked car blocks all traffic in a village in Spain, Europe
A village near Murcia, Spain. The sign says: No parking, vehicle traffic on the street. The car in the photo was parked for one hour, at least, as we passed it twice while exploring the beautiful ancient settlement.

Via The Driven.

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