One person campervan Fiat Flexcamper is a miracle in space usage

Fiat Fiorino mini van

Bigger is not always better on road trips and camping breaks conducted in campervans. Of course, there must be beds for all passengers and storage space for the essential gear, but a large campervan can’t go to the same places where small and light van can. German company Flexcamper has the ultimate solution for people looking for a really compact campervan: a fully equipped van for one person.

Flexcamper has designed a modular system for the compact Fiat Fiorino minivan for converting it to a one person campervan. The exterior dimensions of the Fiorino are 3.86 x 2.02 x 1.72 meters and interior dimensions 2.50 x 1.40 x 1.18 m. Enough length for a bed is achieved by folding the front seat down and adding extension modules to make it a bed.

Flexcamper interior in Fiat Fiorino

When the bed is not used, a small table is available for meals or for a laptop. There is even a tiny kitchen in the Flexcamper that also features a fridge and hides a portable toilet.

Flexcamper turns Fiat minivan into a small campervan

All and all, the Fiat Flexcamper has just enough space for one person to travel, camp, and stay in.

New Atlas reports that the pricing for a Flexcamper Fiorino configuration starts from 5620 euros with installation. It is also possible to order a configuration from Flexcamper and install it into a van at home.

The greatest advantage of a small campervan is that it can go anywhere where a compact car can go. Especially, in Europe, cities tend to have narrow streets and alleys, not to mention low car parks where campervans and motorhomes simply can’t be driven. A small campervan is also a pleasure to drive along winding mountain roads.

Flexcamper features

An issue with a small campervan like the Fiat Flexcamper is the lack of storage space. It is simply not possible to carry along clothes for different seasons, gear for outdoor activities, or a variety of computing and entertainment electronics.

For one or two days and nights in the great outdoors, the Flexcamper can provide a temporary home for one person.

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