Motorhome and campervan trends at the 2018 Caravan and Camping fair

Around the year, the Mediterranean coast of Spain attracts camper van travelers, motor home drivers, and all types of vehicles designed for long road trips. The city of Alicante in a central location along the Spain’s long coastline is a perfect place for a fair that’s all about road trips and camping with a campervan or motorhome. Here is what I discovered at the 2018 show.

Campervan, caravan and motorhome,camping fair in Alicante The most interesting discoveries at the show floor were a modular campervan and two potential trends that may indicate a change in types of vehicles people live (and perhaps work as well) as they roam around Europe.

Camper-van Freedom introduced a number of elements that can be used to a build living compartment into a campervan. The concept was that everything is modular, and easily installed and removed when the van is needed for something else than road trips. The demo van at the show featured a kitchen, two benches (that probably could be used as beds as well) and a table. Each module is priced separately, so you can mix and match what you want in your campervan.

camper-van freedom: modular camping van for road trips
camper-van freedom: campervan module elements, pricing   Build your campervan from these modules.
Two trends that could be identified at the fair were: campervans are becoming more popular, and motorhomes are getting larger.

The number of campervan models displayed at the show was high. The traditional brands, like Hymer and McLouis had several models at the fair, but many not as well known companies offered similar vehicles at lower prices. Almost all campervans were built on a Fiat Ducato base, so the differences between models were in length and in differences in interior design.

Hymer Grand Canyon campervan at a fair in Alicante, Spain, EuropeHymer Grand Canyon campervan.

Dreamer campervan at a caravan and camping show at Costa Blanca, South EuropeA campervan from France: Dreamer.

Motorhomes are getting larger. Many different models from Adria, B├╝rstner, and other brands were on display, but one trend was evident. While the majority of vehicles were of the traditional size and type, long models that have a clean and simple exterior design is a growing product category.

Adria motorhome  at a fair in Alicante, SpainAdria motorhome.

Benimar motor home at a show floor in Costa BlancaBenimar motorhome.
So, if it looks like that the trend points on one hand toward campervans, and toward large motorhomes on the other hand, the market for road trip vehicles may change. After all, the vast majority of motorhome models are positioned today in the medium category that is still alive and well, but more and more travelers may be choosing a smaller or larger vehicle.

Hobby caravan at the show floor at camping and caravanHobby caravan. A large number of caravan models were on display, but motorhomes and campervans attracted the audience.

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