Mothe-Chandeniers castle in France just got 6500 new owners

Even if you have toured the magnificent castles of the Loire Valley in France, you haven’t seen the Mothe-Chandeniers. The magnificent building has been abandoned and closed for years. Now, the power of crowdfunding has saved the castle. 6500 new owners of the castle have invested 500 000 euros in order to buy it.

Mothe-Chandeniers castle in Loire, France The castle is located in Trois-Moutiers, between Tours and Angers. Like a few other castles in the Loire River region, the Mothe-Chandeniers castle stands in the water, making it a spectacular sight. The inevitable humidity in the building gives plenty of work for renovation workers and a platform for a small forest that is growing on the abandoned castle at the moment.

That is going to change because the community of new owners intends to raise altogether one million euros, and start renovation planning and work in the chateau. It won’t be enough to restore the entire castle to its former glory, but more money is required after the initial investment.

If you want your own piece of a French castle, crowdfunding service is specialized in financing heritage projects.

La Croix reports that investors and donators from 45 countries, including people from Brasil, US, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, and Germany contributed to the castle purchase. The plan is to allow visits to the castle during 2018.

Take a look at a drone video by DroneContrast that shows the Mothe-Chandeniers castle in its current state:

The original castle was built in the 13th century by La Mothe de Bau├žay. In the 15th century, the property was owned by the Rochechouart family. The castle got its current design in the early 19th century. It flared up in 1932, leaving only the stone walls and other stone structures, like the towers standing.

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