Mercedes believes intelligent features are the future of campervans: concept Marco Polo

Having a compact campervan means more work when setting it up for a night. Many things have to be detached, re-attached, assembled or disassembled to turn the vehicle’s living area into a kitchen and bedroom. Large campervans or motorhomes have more space and features are always ready to use. Mercedes-Benz is envisioning a future for campervans where beds, kitchen and other features can be organized with the help of computers and voice control.
Mercedes Vito / Marco Polo, smartphone app for control campervan Mercedes-Benz is developing a new intelligent control system for its vehicles called Advanced Control (MBAC). It is the system the can transform benches to beds, control lighting, windows and roof. Voice control, smartphone application and vehicle’s infotainment system provide access to the system for users.

The auto manufacturer says the MBAC system will be in production in 2019. For instance, it is possible to ask the status of battery, solar power, fresh water level, and the level of dirty water tank from the system.

Here is a killer feature we hope would be available in more campervans: window tinting. The concept camper has liquid crystals integrated into the side windows. The crystals can be controlled via voice control system, smartphone app, or vehicle’s multimedia system. Side windows can be made opaque, blocking all light coming in.

Mercedes-BEnz Marco Polo intelligent concept campervan
A solar panel can provide energy, for instance, for charging a battery of an electric bicycle (that has a place at the back of the van).

View a video that shows voice control in the Marco Polo concept campervan:

The vision Mercedes-Benz is showing is totally possible to implement even today. It is not rocket science, but all components are already in use in other applications. The smart thing with the vision is to apply new technology to a campervan in a way that makes a road trip a little less stressful, and setting up a camp a little more comfortable and quicker.

There is nothing stopping Mercedes-Benz from implementing the vision into the Vito / Marco Polo van, except for the cost. All the computers and electronics required for the system will raise the product price, and the auto manufacturer will try and find the balance between cost and features.
Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo concept camper van, automatic benches to beds
Photos by Mercedes-Benz.

Via Diariomotor.

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