Mega-E car chargers can top up 100 km into a battery in 5 minutes in Europe

Dutch company Allego has developed an electric vehicle charger that can add 100 km / 62 miles worth of power into a car battery in 5 minutes. The company is building a large network of charging stations across continental Europe that is compatible with electric cars, buses and light trucks.

hotel in Eindhove. Allego and Tesla chargers. The first fast Mega-E charger station along with other types of chargers, such as Tesla, was taken into public use in July 2018 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Van der Valk Hotel, located near the intersection of two busy highways has turned a large section of its car park into an e-car charging facility.

The hotel management considers the co-operation with a charging station network a win-win for them: customers charge their electric vehicles and can enjoy a meal or attend a meeting at the hotel.

The CEO of Allego and an engineer explain the Mega-E charger on the video below:

At the moment Allego has charging stations in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company has plans to install 322 fast chargers and 39 multi-modal charging hubs in at least ten European metropolitan areas.

In addition, 01net reports that the company has partnered with Fortum for expanding the network. Fortum already has a Scandinavia-wide (and more) charging network.

In the near future, the charging network is planned to cover Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithunia, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the UK.

Allego electric vehicle charger
What is the future of petrol stations? Of course, petrol stations will feature electric vehicle charging points, but I have already seen more charging stations at roadside restaurant and hotel car parks than at petrol stations. I would like to find chargers also at rest areas, like Aire-areas in France would be perfect. Large hypermarket car parks, such as Carrefour, and parking complexes in cities would make a road trip on an electric vehicle even more convenient and hassle-free.

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