Is this Blade Runner –style hovering bike the future of moving around in a city?

Here is an electric vehicle that looks like it was borrowed from the movie Blade Runner: a motorbike that hovers above ground and moves rapidly vertically, laterally and forward. The police force of Dubai has already subscribed to the vehicle because it allows them quickly to reach any place in the city.

Hoverbike by hoversurf in Dubai See the video that shows how the hoversurf bike moves above the ground. It looks quite powerful, and its movement is fast:

Hoversurf, the company behind the flying motorbike Scorpion, describes the vehicle as a single-seat aircraft. It is an electric-powered vessel that combines motorcycle seat with quad-copter drone technology. The objective has been to introduce speed, agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators. The company views the hoverbike as an extreme sports instrument, but as Dubai’s police force demonstrates, it already has other use cases.

Yet, even in the future, it is more likely that commuters, tourists, shoppers and sightseers use electric bicycles and electric scooters when they move around in a city. When there is more than one hoverbike in the air, traffic rules must be established for them. Riders probably will have to have a license, and accidents and malfunctioning hoverbikes in the air are inevitable.

Innovations like the hoverbike hold a great promise. Another electric vehicle, Segway, has already become very popular in tourist destinations as a way to move around a city center on a guided tour. Perhaps hoverbikes find their own travel application as well.

Via El Pais.

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