Is the Pacific Crest Trail the Camino for American hikers?

The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,650 miles (4,265 kilometers) from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. Completing the entire trail is only for the toughest hikers, but sections of the trail are used by hundreds of thousands of outdoor lovers annually.

Do more with less short film El Camino de Santiago in Spain registered 301 000 hikers in 2017 who completed at least a 100 km hike. That is almost 1000 hikers, or peregrines, per day on average. Since it is possible to choose a short or long trail, mountainous or a relatively flat route, hiking El Camino is possible for many people. In the US, the Pacific Crest trail is far longer and more demanding, as the following fascinating video films portray the journey.

As It Happens is a story of two hikers who start from the Mexican border and finally , after seeing multiple seasons come and go, make it to the Canadian border. Beautiful sceneries and tough conditions, realistically presented. The 90 minute long short film below:

Do More with Less is a film about the Pacific Crest Trail that shows more than 100 hikers who talk about their trail experiences. Film makers have carefully chosen scenic shooting locations for the interviews.

Neither one of the films teach you how to survive the long trip, what to pack, or what to eat, because they take a personal view on the subject. My biggest takeaways from the films were the sceneries, humbleness of hikers towards the nature, and the films let you assess if the long journey would be possible for you to achieve.

Keith Foskett, a travel book author and hiker, pointed us to these films. Maybe you already have read one of his books, but in addition to the books, we have found his newsletter a smart resource for books and films about hiking.

Pacific Crest Trail by pcta.orgThe Pacific Crest Trail overview map by

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