Is it time to deploy a head-up display for a road trip?

Head-up display (HUD) devices for cars typically project navigation information, travel speed and other useful pieces of information to the windshield so that the display doesn’t block driver’s view to the road ahead. It is easy to install a head-up display to an old and trusty road trip vehicle as well, but is the device worth the investment?

Navdy head-up display Many startup companies are feverishly developing their head-up display products, and many devices are already in the market. The prices range from 20 to 500 dollars because there are two types of products in the market. Products with low price tags are simple devices that reflect your smartphone display onto the windshield, whereas high-end products are connected both to the car’s information system and to your smartphone for processing and displaying a mix of data onto the windshield, for playing music and for managing phone calls.

An example of a high-end head-up display product is Navdy. A Bloomberg journalist made a road trip using the Navdy and concluded that it was very difficult to return to the old way of navigating (using a smartphone) after the trip.
Navdy head-up display (HUD)
Navdy is attached on top of the dashboard, plugged in to the vehicle’s OBD-II port via cable and to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Once the device is ready for use, its display seems to float above the hood outside the car. The key features of the product are:
Navdy HUD dial attached to a steering wheel

    – Navigation. The Navdy understands voice commands.
    – Display speed, fuel, and other vehicle information on the screen.
    – Information displayed on the screen can be personalized.
    – Notifications from your phone can be displayed on the Navdy screen.
    – The device can read messages aloud.
    – You can answer phone calls with a hand gesture.
    – Manage the music player on your phone with the Navdy dial attached to the steering wheel.

A demonstration of the Navdy head-up display:

Examples of low-cost head-up display products are the Hudway Glass and Hudify. Both products can display a smartphone screen onto the windshield, but only from specific applications.

An introduction video to Hudify smartphone screen projector:

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