In 2018, it was perfectly fine to conduct a road trip across Europe in an electric car

Renault Zoe, compact electric car

Driving around your home town is nothing much to think about for an owner of an electric vehicle, but thinking about a road trip across Europe may raise concerns. The reality is, however, that there are thousands of charging stations in Europe that are ready to feed fresh energy to those tired EV batteries. Here is a story of an Irishman and his wife who took their Renault Zoe for a spin in France and Spain.

Chris Drumm has published a thorough description of a journey that took him and his wife in their brand new Renault Zoe across France and Spain. Anyone even remotely thinking of making a long roadtrip in Europe in an electric vehicle will find his story valuable.

The couple drove the Zoe onto a ferry in Ireland in October 2018. They embarked in Bretagne, France to start a 3000 kilometer/1860 mile long trip on the road. In France, they drove from Roscoff to Angers, Poitiers, Angouleme, Figeac to Sete that is located on the Mediterranean coast. Then, they drove over the Pyrenees Mountains to Spain, Girona, Lleida, Zaragoza, Vitoria, briefly back to France (St Jean de Luz), and via Bilbao to Santander ferry terminal.

The Renault Zoe R90 has a 41KW battery that charges at 22KW per hour on most chargers. As an experienced electric vehicle driver (he had a Nissan Leaf before the Renault), Chris Drumm packed along three charging cables: the standard charging cable that came with the car, a Type 3C cable, and a home electricity cable.

Rocamadour, France.
Highlight of any trip in southern France: Rocamadour.

How did the long road trip go?

Chris Drumm: “Would I do it [another long road trip] in the Zoe? Absolutely, great little car with a sensible range. I would have no fear of going long distance across Europe.”

As he describes in his story, there are big differences between regions how much time and effort it takes to charge an electric car. He recommends France for everyone, and Spain for drivers with strong nerves and a lot of patience.

All the electricity payment cards and mobile applications that were needed during the trip are listed in the story as well. Electromaps is worth mentioning as a Spanish charging station application that saved the Zoe, too.

I really urge you to read his story that features many valuable tips and advice for a successful electric vehicle road trip in Europe. You’ll also be surprised to find out what the total electricity cost for the trip was.

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