How to travel and earn a living at the same time?

Traveling and earning enough money to support oneself at the same time is not easy. Yet, many professionals have made it, and continue living and working on the move for years. Here are the basics for establishing a lifestyle that enables living like a digital nomad, remote worker, location independent mobile professional, or whatever you may call these people.
Digital nomad office at a terraceOne thing that is not mentioned in numerous guides that advice how to setup a digital nomad business is that travel is very time consuming. Here is my most important tip: you can not be constantly on the road, but you have to stay in wherever you want stay long enough in order to get work done. In practice, it usually means staying in one place for a few weeks, at least – perhaps even months. Then, you can travel, and hopefully you are able to respond co-workers’ or clients’ requests when you are on the road.

I have noticed that the longest time I can be constantly on the move is one week (#vanlife). Then, I have to stop, find a place to stay, and start working.

Observer has published an article that introduces the basic elements of setting up a remote freelancing business. The key points are:

– You must have discipline to be able to work even if the Eiffel tower, or an adventure on mountains is tempting you away from work
– You should possess the business skills for freelancing or running a business.
– Do you have marketable skills that earn you money.

Common ways to earn money while working remotely are (according to the article):
– Writing.
– Programming.
– E-commerce.
– Photography.
– Coaching.

Other common skills that I see frequently traded online:
– Web design, and setting up web sites.
– Graphic design.
– Proofreading, editing.
– Image editing.
– Promoting a product or service on social media.

Once you are sure you can make money while traveling, you have to decide the method of travel. It determines what you can take along on your journeys. If you are going to fly, you have very little space for things to carry with you. If you are going on a road trip (for instance, in Europe, a convenient way to move around) the size of you vehicle sets the limits for what you can take along. Remember, you can not think that what the hell, I am just going to buy stuff while on the road if I need something. Yes, but you have to drop some of your existing stuff in order to make everything fit.

Earning a living and money for travel is not easier when you travel, it is more difficult than staying and working in your home country. Nonetheless, thousands and thousands of professionals successfully do it, and enjoy it.

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