Hey, this airline has naked flight attendants and pilots

Advertising is funny business. Advertisers must try every possible and impossible trick to get noticed. Sometimes, advertisers take calculated risks to become hits on the Internet.

That is exactly what has been driving the online travel booking service Chocotravel (it is not an airline) in Kazakhstan. The company has published two video ads: one with naked women and another with naked men.
chocotravel viral video adOf course, the video went viral, and Chocotravel management was happy. Chocotravel director Nikolay Mazentsev said on Facebook that the video was not intended to offend anyone. “The video is bold and shocking, but we did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and regret it if it happened,” he wrote. “The advertisement shows exactly as much as you can see on any beach or in the pool. You do not attack girls in short skirts and people in swimsuits?”

Naked flight attendants video:

Naked pilots video:

Via RT.com

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