Here you can find thousands of places where to charge an electric vehicle during a road trip

PlugShare map for electric vehicle charging stations in Europe

Sure, it would be nice to make a long road trip in an electric vehicle, but where can we charge it while on the road? Drivers of gasoline-burning cars don’t necessarily notice all those small chargers that are already scattered around the globe. When you see them all laid out on a map, it is almost hard to believe that there are already so many charging points available.

Two map applications provide electric vehicle drivers locations where they can top up batteries: PlugShare and Google Maps.

PlugShare shows the type of chargers you want

Plugshare application can be downloaded to mobile devices or you can use it in a computer browser.

You can set a filter in PlugShare to display only the type of chargers that fit into your car.

PlugShare has an impressive amount of data on electric vehicle charging stations. Drivers can leave reviews in PlugShare for stations they have used.

PlugShare map displays Tesla, NIssan, and other chargers

For instance, just outside Cannes, in the French Riviera, a charging station is located in an Aire area. A perfect location for a charger because an Aire is usually a large area with picnic tables, a cafe, a restaurant, a petrol station, maybe a shop. Very likely in the future they will all have charging stations, even though there must be thousands of Aires around France.

detailed EV charger information in PlugShare

Find electric vehicle charging stations in Google Maps

First, you have to update the Google Maps application on your mobile device to the latest version which is aware of charging points. You can try Google Maps on your computer browser as well.

To locate chargers, you have to type keywords, like “ev charging stations” in the Google Maps search box. Then, chargers begin popping up on the map.

Google Maps EV charging stations feature

Well, charging stations should appear on the map, but Google hasn’t updated the data for all regions yet. For instance, in Europe trying to locate charging stations in Google Maps is useless. Since Google is Google, and the company has confirmed this is a global feature, the data for other regions outside the US surely will be updated some day.

details of electric vehicle charging station in Ireland in Google Maps

Via Quartz.

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