Here is an electric vehicle from Segway that doesn’t take much space in a campervan or motorhome

A new electric vehicle from Segway may be a solution for travelers who have been looking for a small vehicle for transporting them in cities to nearby sights. The Segway One S2 is a electricity-powered unicycle that is small enough to easily fit into a campervan, motorhome, or ordinary hatchback.
Segway One S2 unicycle, electric vehicle The Segway One S2 has pedals, but the rider doesn’t have to make a physical effort to get the vehicle moving. Just like with the big two-wheel Segway leaning forward puts the vehicle in motion.

The fully charged unicycle has enough power for a 30 km / 18 mile ride. This means that you can easily take a city tour on the Segway during the day, and charge it during the night (a full recharge takes 3 hours).
Segway One S2 unicycle
Packing the One S2 along for a road trip doesn’t take a lot of space: the unicycle is 45 cm tall, 42 cm wide and 18 cm thick. It weighs, however, 11.4 kg so it is not light.

A folding bicycle is the old school solution that lets you leave your motorhome or campervan at a campsite or car park and make a city tour on a small vehicle. If space is really tight – as it usually is – the Segway unicycle may solve that problem.

Segway’s video below shows how to get started with the single wheel One S1 cycle:

As the video shows, learning to ride on the One S2 can be tricky. I would wear protectors on my knees and elbows, at least during an initial training session. Before whizzing along the streets of your next destination on a Segway, it is a good idea to find out if there are restrictions for vehicles like this.

The Segway One S1 was available, for instance, at Amazon for $599. The One S2 is a bit more expensive, for instance, in Europe it is available for 729 euros.

Segway One S2 key features and specifications

Segway One S2 electric vehicle
– Maximum speed 24 km/h.
– Range 30 km.
– Weight 11.4 kg.
– Dimensions 45 x 42 x 18 cm.
– Wheel size 35.5 cm.
– Battery 310 Wh.
– Recharge time 3h.
– Recommended for age group from 16 to 60 years.
– Maximum weight of the rider 120 kg.
– Bluetooth connection to the smartphone Segway application.
– Water resistant (IP54).

The Segway One S2 can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth once you have downloaded the application.
Segway application on smartphone

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