Here are the cities with the best quality of life in the world

The best way to assess if a city or a country has qualities you are looking for when you are planning a longer trip or moving to another country is to visit there yourself. There is absolutely nothing that else that gives you feel for the atmosphere, people, culture, traffic, food, languages understood, choices for outdoor activities, or attitudes towards children or pets (if you have any).

Wellington, New Zealand. Photo by Simeon W. In addition to seeing the destination with your own eyes, and having spent at least a couple of days in there, a little bit of research is valuable. Plenty of information is available on housing prices in different destinations, crime rates, climate, traffic accident rates, Internet speed, corruption, school system, health care, and so on. They all count when you have lived in a new city for a while.

For years, Deutsche Bank has published an annual Mapping the world’s prices index that gives you an idea which cities are expensive and which ones are economical. In 2017, Deutsche Bank added a ranking for the quality of life in 47 cities located in all continents of the world.

The ranking is based on eight factors compiled by crowd-sourced information database Numbeo. The eight factors that make up the quality of life index are:

    Purchasing Power
    Health Care
    Cost of Living
    Property Price to Income Ratio
    Traffic Commute Time

Here are 26 cities where the quality of life is measured to be the highest on earth.

    1. Wellington, New Zealand.
    2. Edinburgh, UK.
    3. Vienna, Austria.
    4. Melbourne, Australia.
    5. Zûrich, Switzerland.
    6. Copenhagen, Denmark.
    7. Ottawa, Canada.
    8. Boston, USA.
    9. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    10. Sydney, Australia.
    11. Berlin, Germany.
    11. Helsinki, Finland.
    13. Auckland, New Zealand.
    14. Toronto, Canada.
    15. Lisbon. Portugal.
    16. Madrid, Spain.
    17. Cap Town, South Africa.
    18. San Francisco, USA.
    19. Prague, Czech Republic.
    20. Stockholm, Sweden.
    21. Dublin, Ireland.
    22. Chicago, USA.
    23. Warsaw, Poland.
    24, Brussels, Belgium.
    25. Johannesburg, South Africa.
    26. Oslo, Norway.

More than half of the cities are located in Europe (15). Somewhat surprisingly, not a single Asian city made it to the top 26.

Via Independent.

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