Handy planning tool for estimating travel times in a destination using a number of transport methods

When visiting unfamiliar places, one of the most difficult things for a tourist is to estimate travel times within the destination. Perhaps you would like to know how long it takes to walk to the old town from your hotel, or how far from the city you can drive in two hours. TravelTime Maps is an online service that lets you study travel times from a point you define using multiple transport methods.

TravelTime Maps online service for estimating travel times Let’s take an example: the city of Nice on the southeast coast of France, the central city of the French Riviera. It is a sizeable city with many sights worth exploring, and there are even more bucket list destinations nearby. But how long do you get if you drive for one hour from Nice towards Monaco? If the hotel is in the city center near the railway station, can I reach the key sights by foot?

TravelTime Maps lets you search your location, define your method of transport and the time you can spare for moving from one place to another. The following screen shots were taken from a smartphone display.

TravelTIme Maps in Nice, France

Walking 15 minutes in Nice, France.

TravelTIme Maps mobile service

Public transport takes you this far from the center of Nice in 30 minutes.

TimeTravel Maps, cycling times in Nice, Provence, Riviera, France

Cycling is the fastest way to move in the city.

I happen to be quite familiar with Nice, and to me, the travel times suggested by the service are slightly on the optimistic side. Nonetheless, they are very good for planning purposes.

Walking times are calculated using an average speed of 4km/h.

Public transport combines walking with all modes of public transport. It can include a 20 minute walk to the first public transport point, and a 20-minute walk to the destination.
Drive times pay attention to peak and off peak times.

Driving and train includes driving to a train station, parking a car, waiting for the train and the journey itself, as well as walking from the station. Maximum walking, driving and parking time defaults are specified here. We also include shapes for driving and walking just in case train travel isn’t possible.

The data to the service comes from various sources including OpenStreetMap and public transport data sources. The points of interest data is provided by Foursquare.

The TravelTime Maps are available for the following countries:

    Australia (not full coverage)
    Czech Republic
    United Kingdom
    United States

Via Lifehacker.

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