Guidebook to Gothenburg, Sweden and the West Coast

The City of Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city after the capital Stockholm, but Gothenburg is closer to Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway than it is to Stockholm. Scandinavian city life mixed with international trends from Continental Europe is perhaps Gothenburg’s asset as far as city life goes.
Gothenburg, Sweden - West Coast archipelago
The West Coast region in the southwest corner of Sweden is that nation’s favorite vacation destination, and it is located around Gothenburg.

Reading the travel guidebook Gothenburg and Sweden’s West Coast I was surprised how long history the region has. Vikings used to live in the region, but also Danes and Norwegians have ruled the West Coast. Region’s history is still present in many castles, fortresses and old villages.

The guidebook shows the sights in Gothenburg and on the West Coast that every visitor should see. My favourite probably is the Marstrand village and its impressive fortress. There is a ferry ride as well, which is a plus.

At the moment, I am thinking of putting together a tour that would take us to Copenhagen, Gothenburg (and West Coast), Oslo, and perhaps all the way to the fjords. The thing is that the fjords will require plenty of time because moving there is very slow.

In any case, renting a cottage from the West Coast is a tempting idea.

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