GPS navigators that can route motorhomes and campervans via roads that suit large vehicles

Many travelers who drive a motorhome or a large campervan in an unfamiliar territory may encounter roads that are too narrow, have low bridges, or are simply too bumpy and twisty for a large, relatively heavy vehicle. Following instructions of an ordinary GPS navigator may lead the driver to a place where it is difficult to continue and difficult to turn back. Fortunately, a few specialized navigators for trucks are available that can help.

Motorhome on a narrow road in Corsica. Photo by Paul-in-London.
Some navigator manufacturers have even tailored their products that originally were designed for trucks to suit especially for motorhome and campervan drivers. The height, width and length of the vehicle are entered into the navigator so it knows to avoid potentially problematic routes.

These special navigators also have a point-of-interest database that comes with an extended selection of camping and caravan-related sites. Let’s take a look at some products that are available for navigating road trips in a large vehicle.
Becker GPS navigator for trucks

Becker transit 5s. Five-inch screen for 290 euros.

Falk Neo Camper 640 LMU. A low-cost device for roadtrips: six-inch screen, price 215 euros.
Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D, a GPS navigator for motorhomes and campervans
Garmin Camper 770 LMT-D. Garmin’s top model for campervans and motorhomes. Price around 460-500 euros in Europe.
Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D and 660 LMT-D. Prices between 260 and 390 euros.

Mio Spirit 8670 LM Truck. 6.2-inch display for 200 euros.

Snooper Ventura Pro S2700. Price 270 euros.
Snooper S6800 PRO Truckmate. 470 euros.
TomTom Professional 6250 - GPS navigator for vans, buses, trucks, motorhomes
TomTom Go Professional 6250. This is the top navigator model for large vehicles from TomTom. The price is around 400 euros in Europe.
TomTom Go Professional 6200. This is a stripped down version of the top model for lower price.
TomTom Go Professional 620 and 520. Six-inch and five-inch models that are connected to online services via a smartphone. Prices around 300 euros.

As always with dedicated GPS navigation devices, make sure you get the maps you need when you order the product.

Applications that understand the dimensions and routing requirements of large vehicles are available for smartphones and tablets as well, for instance, Aponia Truck GPS, Copilot Truck, Roulotte RV GPS, and Sygic Truck.

TomTom Pro navigation device on dashboard.

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