Design camper provides solar power for wilderness camping

Towing a camper (trailer, or caravan) to a camp site or a motor home park, and plugging it into the electricity grid gives travelers all the conveniences the caravan was meant to provide. What if you have discovered a lovely place in the great outdoors where you can camp but there is no electricity? You need a caravan that has solar panels, like the Homegrown Timberline.

Homegrown Timberland caravan, solar power The first thing that catches the eye in the Timberline is not the solar panel, but its overall design. It doesn’t look like an ordinary white, plastic caravan box, but a fabulous cabin where you actually want to step in.

The Homegrown Timberline is available in the US. The standard Off-Grid version comes with 600-800 watt solar panels and a 3.6- to 6.0-kilowatt-hour lithium battery that can provide the caravan the electricity it can consume. The solar power model sells for $41,500.

Homegrown Timberline, designed to look like cabin
A year ago, we drove across the entire continental Europe from Scandinavia to Portugal, staying at camp sites and motor home parks for nights. On the road, I spotted only a few caravans towed by vehicles. At camp sites, however, caravans were easy to find. Concluding from the surroundings of most caravans, they had been there and were going to be in the same position for a long time.

It looks like travelers who enjoy being on the road have gradually adopted motor homes and camper vans. These vehicles have the same problem as a trailer caravan with electricity: they have to be plugged in to the power grid for using all the facilities. Solar panels would help here as well.

Homegrown Timberline, camper trailer, indoors

Homegrown Timberline caravan with solar panels for off-grid trips

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