Electric SUV and truck from Bollinger for off-road trips

Bollinger B1 electric SUV

Bollinger is a legendary French champagne brand that people have enjoyed for almost 200 years. Now, it is also a brand new electric vehicle after U.S. based Bollinger Motors introduced two cars, B2 pickup truck and B1 SUV. Both are electric, designed for dirt roads and off road conditions.

In addition to the curious choice of name, the Bollinger B1 and B2 won’t win any beauty contests, but that’s not the mission the creators of the product set for these cars. They aimed at producing an all-wheel-drive all-electric truck without any frills. That’s exactly what they have achieved. Even the Spartan design of the truck confirms that.

Bollinger B2 dashboard

The two models share the same technology, such as:

  • Aluminium body
  • Range 200 miles / 320 km.
  • 120 kWh battery.
  • 614 hp
  • Towing capacity 7500 lbs / 3400 kg.
  • Front and rear motors, all wheel drive.
  • Length 171 inches / 434 cm.
  • Width with mirrors 77.2 inches / 196 cm.
  • Height 72.7 inches / 184 cm.

The Bollinger trucks are smaller than the electric truck and the SUV introduced by its close rival Rivian. Bollinger and Rivian are targeting somewhat different market segments, although both are electric and categorized as trucks and SUVs. Obviously, Bollinger is primarily thinking of off-road driving, whereas Rivian sees its vehicles on the road.

Bollinger B1 electric vehicle inside view

A valuable feature in Bollinger vehicles is that they can be easily modified. Doors, windows, seats are components that can be removed and re-installed when needed.

Cnet reports that Bollinger has introduced beta versions for the B1 and the B2, but the company didn’t give details when the manufacturing would start or cars delivered to customers. They are, however, accepting reservations.

Here is a video of the Bollinger electric truck moving on a mountain road:

Bollinger has posted multiple video clips about the development and testing of the vehicles on its home page.

Bollinger B2 electric truck

Images by Bollinger Motors.

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