Electric car VW I.D. to compete with VW Golf in stores in 2020

VW I.D., an electric car from Volkswagen

The VW Golf is an iconic, hugely successful car in Volkswagen’s product range, but it will have an in-house competitor in 2020. Then, the all-electric, all-new VW I.D. is planned to be available. The VW ID is the same size as the Golf, and it is in the same price range, but has the advantages of an electric vehicle. Let’s take a look at early test rides on the VW ID if it really can compete with Golf.

Volkswagen management is so confident that the company can start delivering thousands of electric vehicles from their factories in 2020 that top managers are tweeting about the VW ID’s features and price already now. Jürgen Stackmann says the VW ID will have a range of up to 550 km/341 miles and its price is about the same as a modern VW Golf.

Volkswagen organized a test drive event for the VW ID in South Africa where a few reporters were invited as well. Top Gear reporter was pretty impressed, although some work still has to be completed before the production of the vehicle can start.

Outside, the VW ID is about the size of a VW Golf, but inside, it has the space of a VW Passat. It is a significant increase in space, which is made possible by electric engine. The engine doesn’t require much space, and also gearbox and everything related to it are eliminated from e-cars.

Volkswagen I.D. e-car

The VW ID 2020:

  • Rear-wheel drive.
  • Top speed will limited to 160 kmh / 100 mph.
  • Range 330 km / 206 miles, or 550 km/341 miles, depending on the battery pack.
  • Charging port for 125kW: 30 min to 80 per cent full battery.

View a video of a VW ID test drive below.

Via 01net.

We already know that fuel economy is better in an electric vehicle than in an equivalent petrol car. Maintenance costs are also lower in an e-car than in a car powered by a combustion engine. As the prices of electric vehicles are gradually decreasing because of large-scale production and lower battery prices, and combustion engine vehicle prices are increasing, and have pressure to be taxed heavily, it is fair to assume that the scale will tip to the favor of WW ID.

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