Did you know that you can rent your sports gear from a peer network when you travel?

Taking sports equipment, like a bicycle, skis or a surf board along for an overseas trip tends to be troublesome, expensive and risky. Depending on your destination, you may be able to rent the required equipment from a sports shop, but now, a new alternative is available.

quipmo.com sports gear rental online serviceQuipmo is an online service where people who own sports gear can rent them to other people when they don’t need the gear themselves. Something like renting your holiday home or car when you are not using it. Since there are popular global services for other things, why not for sports equipment as well?

As a startup, Quipmo still has a very limited selection of locations where equipment can be rented. The business is based in Australia, and that’s where the majority of rentals are available.

The service is focused on three types of gear: bicycles, surf boards and ski equipment. Maybe one day cross-country skiers can rent equipment online as well, but now, it is all about slalom skis and snowboards.

This is a remarkable concept that would be nice to have in all parts of the world. What if I want to go surfing in Cascais, Portugal or cycling along the roads of Dordogne, France? It all depends if Quipmo becomes a success, and finds people who are trustworthy renters of gear across the world.

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