Compact campervan from Toyota arrives on the roads of UK and Europe in 2018

Toyota vans are hugely popular in some markets, especially in countries that don’t have vehicle brands of their own. It is, however, quite rare to spot a Toyota campervan on the road, but starting in 2018, the situation may change in Europe. Toyota and British vendor Wellhouse Leisure have designed a compact campervan that is built on the Proace van.

Toyota Proace Lerina campervan outdoors The medium-long wheelbase model of the Toyota Proace Comfort was chosen as the vehicle for the Lerina campervan. It measures 4.95m long and 1.98m high. It is compact in size, meaning it is easy to drive even without any experience from large vehicles and finding a parking place in most situations is possible as well.

A pop-up roof extends the height of the van, so that it is possible to stand inside. The pop-up roof doesn’t come with beds (although they are available as an additional feature), but beds are unfolded from seats at the back of the van.
Toyota Proace Lerina, van converted into motorhome
Toyota Proace Lerina, campervan model with beds
A 100W solar panel charges a battery that provides power for the living space. External power source can be used as well. A 2.2kW heater with timer, wardrobe, portable toilet, kitchen with a sink and a gas hob, a 25-litre fridge and a fresh water tank are all included.

The campervan comes with a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine. The choices are a 120bhp model with six-speed manual gearbox, and a 180bhp version with automatic transmission.

GPS navigation, cruise control, air conditioning, DAB radio, information display, and 17-inch alloy wheels are standard features of the campervan.

In the UK, the Proace Lerina prices start from GBP 42 000. Toyota and Wellhouse Leisure co-operation covers also delivering campervans to the Continental Europe markets where the steering wheel of vehicles is on the other side as in the UK.

Via Toyota web site.

Toyota Proace Lerina camper van, kitchen and back seats

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