City tours with style in Europe: rent and drive a classic car like a boss

classic Citroen photo by 2CV Paris Tour
Citroen 2CV in Paris.

Modern tourist buses are an easy and comfortable option for taking a city tour, but if you want to experience a destination in style like locals did a few decades ago, you can drive an old classic car yourself in a number of European cities.

Barcelona, Spain
Once you have seen the essential Barcelona – Sagrada Familia, Gothic barrio, and La Rambla – taking a tour in a classic Seat 600 (like a Fiat, but made in Spain) can be an exciting option. For a major city, it is actually easy to drive in Barcelona as long as you avoid the old town. TripTroop has the cars and everything else you need for a Barcelona tour in classic vehicle.

photo by Trabi-Safari
Classic Trabants for rent in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany
When the Berlin Wall crumbled down 30 years ago, one of the curious things was that westerners wanted to buy old Trabant cars from the east side. East Berliners were happy to sell, and old Trabis are still in traffic in many places in Germany. Trabi-Safari rents old Made in DDR Trabants to tourists who drive the cars, but they are led by a guide in a lead car.

Lisbon, Portugal
Everyone has seen a Beetle – the cute round shaped car from Volkswagen – on the road or in the movies. Once the most popular car in the world, there are still plenty of well-oiled Beetles on the roads. Some of these are rented by Lisbon by Beetle that provides self-driving tours and guided tours in Lisbon, and in nearby Sintra and Cascais.

photo by Small car Big city

London, UK
A tiny Morris Mini is a perfect car for narrow and often congested streets of London. Small Car Big City has a selection of classic Minis available for self-driving tours and for guided London tours.

north italy, photo by slow drive

North Italy
Slow Drive travel has offices in several towns, like Turin and Bergamo in northern Italy where they rent classic sports cars for self-driving tours. Alfa Romeo and Triumph are among the available cars. I would like to know what Italian drivers think about the name Slow Drivers? It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when watching the traffic in Italy.

Paris, France
The Citroen 2CV looks like an exceptional car, but wait until you see inside the vehicle or even better, take a ride in this unique car. It is certainly something else. Practically everything from seats and gear stick to the dashboard are something you haven’t seen anywhere else. In Paris, 2CV Paris Tour rents these classic cars for self-driving and guided tours.

old mercedes-benz in prague photo by history trip
Mercedes-Benz in Prague.

Praque, Czech Republic
The historic district in Prague is possible to walk or tour by bicycle if you have a couple of days and plenty of energy, but exploring the city in an old Mercedes-Benz is a style-conscious choice. History Trip has a few classic Alfa Romeos and Mercedes-Benzes for rent.

Warsaw, Poland
Fiat 126p was a tiny car, but very popular in Poland during the Communism era. Travel company WPT1313 has managed to restore a number of old Fiats that are now available for rent. A range of tours is available from Communism tour and city sightseeing to a visit to the countryside with a local guide.

old Fiat 126 in Warsaw. photo by wpt1313

Via Elmotor.

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