City-to-city bus trip by BlaBlaBus as low as 1 euro in Europe

blablabus extends blablacar service in Europe

In addition to an amusing name, BlaBlaBus travel prices should amuse most passengers: one way trips start from 1 euro, for instance, between some cities in Germany.

If the name BlaBlaBus sounds familiar, you may have heard about BlaBlaCar. It is a car sharing business built on an application that lets you book a seat in a private car that is heading to the same town as you. In 2018, BlaBlaCar acquired a bus company that has now been transformed into a modern business with low prices, on-board Wi-fi, and a booking app. The app lets you search for a bus connection, and if it doesn’t exist (for instance, at the moment, I couldn’t find any connections that cross borders in EU region), the app displays seats available in private cars that are going to drive the same way.

When the BlaBlaBus network was launched in July 2019, it covered five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands) and 300 cities. The company is working to cover 400 cities in 10 European countries with its bus network by the end of 2019.

Nicolas Brusson, the co-founder of BlaBlaCar, hints that the plan is to get other bus companies to join the BlaBlaBus network. If it succeeds, it would make quick expansion and wide coverage of the service possible.

That, and the possibility to find both bus and car seats at the same time in the app make BlaBlaBus an attractive option for travelers in Europe.

Lonely Planet claims that BlaBlaBus ticket prices start from 5 euros, but that’s not correct. See the image below captured from the BlaBlaBus app: the prices start from 1 euro.

blablabus booking app with prices in Germany

Here you can search for BlaBlaBus routes in Germany.

The environmental aspect of travel is a hot topic in Europe (it is not a coincidence that the voice for taking action against climate change, Greta Thunberg, comes from Sweden). BlaBlaBus sees this as an advantage for its business, and has estimated that a bus passenger pollutes only a third of what a car passenger does.

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