Why visit Valencia instead of Barcelona in Spain

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Overtourism (too many tourists in the same place at the same time – crowds so large that they negatively affect the daily life of residents) is a serious problem in the world’s most popular travel destinations. Particularly legendary European cities and ancient towns are planning ways to restrict the number of visitors. The New York […]

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Tips for finding the right place to stay in Algarve, Portugal for longer than a week

Carvoeiro beach, fishing village, fishermen's beach in Algarve, Portugal.
Carvoeiro beach, fishing village, fishermen’s beach in Algarve, Portugal.

The south coast of Portugal – the Algarve Province – attracts holidaymakers in summer, and digital nomads, remote workers, and retirees in autumn, winter and spring. Whereas visitors who are on vacation need a place to stay for one or two weeks, other travelers are looking for a place for a month or for a longer time. Here are a few tips on where and how to find the right kind of accommodation in Algarve.

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Europe Tried Walls. Now It Likes Bridges.

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When it comes to walls, I believe we can learn from Europe, which has done more than its share of wall building in the past. From Hadrian’s Wall (built by the ancient Romans to defend the northern boundary of Britannia) to the Maginot Line (built by the French in the 1930s to keep out the Germans), these walls were symbols of mistrust and insecurity. They were necessary back then, but in our age, society is advancing and dismantling walls as we move forward.

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Rome, Italy is taking a tough stance on overtourism to decrease crowds and pollution

Map of zones for tourist buses in Rome, Italy
Zone C closed from tourist buses in Rome.

One of Europe’s (and the world’s) most popular city destinations, Rome in Italy is restricting tourist bus traffic to the city center and is increasing the prices coach tour companies must pay to bring tourists to the city. The new measures will be effective January 1st, 2019. The objective is to reduce air pollution, noise pollution, traffic, and crowds in the city center.

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In the Nepali community of Panauti, women rule

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Rather than sit back and let tradition dictate how their lives should play out, these independently-minded Nepali women are building businesses, supporting one another and championing financial freedom.

It’s my first day in the Newari town of Panauti, Nepal, and I’m gatecrashing a wedding.

The bedazzled young bride looks demure under a veil of gold and red lace while her sister prims and prepares her for the groom who is standing nervously outside the door. In the dusty courtyard, I find a group of women decked out in vibrantly colored saris milling around, dancing, and serving trays of fried water buffalo meat, chapatis, and other snacks. The men seem to be relegated to background, as the women scurry around in a frenzy of non-stop activity.

As these vivid blurs of yellows and reds move closer, one of the women, Shila, dances up to me with a wide smile and a garland of flowers which she places over my head, settling it around my neck.

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The most affordable and expensive cities in Europe for backpacker travel

Kiev, Ukraine. Photo by Ben Adlard.
Kiev. Photo by Ben Adlard.

The simple idea of backpacker travel is to tour destinations with a small budget. I have been on low budget trips without an actual backpack on my shoulders, so I don’t see it as a necessary low budget travel gear. Staying in hostels, camping areas, and other affordable places, using public transportation and enjoying low cost meals are essential elements of backpacker travel. Here are the cheapest and most expensive European cities for backpackers.

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Top 5 must-see ancient sights in Valencia, Spain

Barrio del Carme.

As the travel guidebook author puts it: Valencia is a city of contrasts. Magnificent old city center where tourists can explore majestic buildings and ancient shops and bars. Take a ten minute walk outside the old town, and discover the ultra modern City of Arts and Sciences that takes the breath away even from a bored traveler. Here are five top sights in the historical city center of Valencia in Spain.

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The most liveable city in the world is in Central Europe

Austria’s capital Vienna has been ranked as the most liveable city in the world 2018. The annual Global Liveability Index study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit has analysed 140 cities across the world, and concluded that Vienna has the best living conditions. Cities in Canada, Japan and Australia dominate the top 10 of the index.
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