Camping hacks for making your stay in the great outdoors comfortable

Experienced campers have their own tricks how to make life comfortable on a camp site or in the wilderness. It can be a small thing, like knowing how to chase mosquitoes away or how to make a really quick cup of coffee.

a camp site in Mauleon-Barousse, Pyrenees, FranceThose who are new to camping maybe happy to get their site somehow ready for the night, and couldn’t care less about the small things that would make staying outdoors even more fun. In any case, all campers will benefit from tricks that Cnet shows on the video below:

The video segment about downloading maps for offline use is something where I highly recommend another solution as suggested on the video. Download an app called Then, when you are in the application, download the maps of the entire province or country where you will travel. For camp sites that are accessible by road, gets you there without ever having to connect to the Internet. If you going to the wilderness, you need topographic maps and another application. I have tried Googla Maps, Bing Maps, Here Maps, and every other online map solution that promises offline functionality. Absolutely none of them worked without Internet connection when used long enough.

I have been camping in South Europe this summer, and since it was south and mid summer, the sun is pretty hot when it blazes down almost directly above your head. I simply didn’t have the experience to properly cope with it, but I had to learn from local campers. Here are a few hacks I learned in Spain and France.

    Both seaside and mountain camp sites are very popular. If you want to escape the humidity, go up to the mountains.
    Many campers cover their site with a fabric that blocks 70-80% of the rays of the sun. It is quite nice because the sun is not completely blocked, but provides light to the site.
    No one wants block the wind, because a breeze is a natural air cooler.
    A cup of hot coffee will make you sweat, but a cup of cold coffee won’t.
    Strenuous physical activities are possible, but early morning is the only sensible time for them. When the sun rises, cyclists, hikers, dog walkers and other sweaty activities are very enjoyable.

fabric that gives shade from sun

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