Beeline navigator points cyclists to the right direction even along a whimsical route

When you are riding a bicycle in an unfamiliar place, you need something to help you navigate. Dedicated bicycle navigators are available, for instance, from Garmin, and many riders use their smartphones to find their way to the destination. The smartest product for cycling navigation may well be a tiny puck that does nothing else but points the rider to the right direction.

Beeline navigator for bicycles Beeline is a simple product that has been designed to do one thing: show the right direction to a bicycle rider. The small device also displays the distance to the destination, speed and time, but that’s it. The concept was born because the creators of the product wanted to have freedom to decide their own biking routes. So, you only specify your destination to the Beeline, and after that, it lets you take any route you want, but keeps pointing you to the right direction all the time.

Before going out on a ride, you have to install a free Beeline application to your smartphone. The app is the brains behind the Beeline’s simplicity. Tell your destination to the app, strap the device to the handlebar, and you are ready to go – along any route your heart desires.

The smartphone app delivers GPS coordinates to the Beeline so it knows the right direction. The smartphone and Beeline are connected over Bluetooth signal. The small display on the Beeline is battery-friendly E ink screen, allowing up to 30 days battery life for the small device. Smartphone battery is affected, too, because the app keeps calculating its position from GPS signals.

Beeline application on a smartphone
Beeline is the answer to the question asked in the article about Cityscoot electric scooters that can be rented in France: you can rent a scooter in a big, very busy city, but how do you navigate while negotiating the traffic?

Customers have been asking for one feature to be added to the Beeline, and the company has recently delivered it. Route Assistant is like a normal route planner in any car navigator or smartphone app. Specify the destination, and the app calculates the fastest or shortest route.

A Beeline designer introduces the Route Assistant feature on the video clip below:

For a simple product, Beeline has a high-end price tag of GBP 99 (or 115 Euros, 130 USD), but dedicated full featured bicycle navigators are even more expensive.

Beeline navigation device on a bicycle

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