Bath2go bathroom can be attached outside on the back of a campervan

A campervan is perhaps (depending on the model and the way the owner has modified it, if at all) the most flexible vehicle for touring, or living and working on the road. Often, however, campervans are lacking a bathroom. A German company has introduced a product called Bath2go that includes a toilet and a shower, and can be installed to many vans.

Bath2go bathroom for camper vans The Bath2go is a sizeable cabin that is installed on the back of a van. It roughly covers the entire rear of the vehicle, leaving the lights on the sides visible. Inside the box, there is enough space for a toilet, a shower, and a water tank.

Bath2go is marketing a couple of different models, and it is possible to get one with warm water. The basic model is priced 5995 euros and the comfortable model 7000 euros in Germany. Installation and vehicle-specific adapter are additional costs.

The entire box where the shower and the toilet are can be removed from the back of the van when they are not needed. The mount installed on the back of the van that holds the cabin is a fixed installation.
Bath2go toilet and shower cabin for campervans
The list of compatible vehicles indicates that the Bath2go solution is intended for large vans, like the VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter, or Fiat Ducato Maxi.

The inside measurements of the Bath2go:

    Floor area 72 x 135cm.
    Standing height under shower about 195cm.
    Height of toilet space about 140 – 150cm.
    The box weighs about 50kg.

After the fixed mount has been installed to the vehicle, the vendor assures that the mounting time of the basic carrier on the adapter is about 2-3 minutes. A fork wrench is required. The setup of the cabin box to the base takes about 5 minutes. It doesn’t require tools. The box weighs quite a lot, but it can be put in place by one person using a dedicated roller crank stand.

Is the Bath2go the right bathroom solution for your campervan?

The big advantage of the Bath2go is that it doesn’t occupy any precious space inside the campervan. If any water leaks or dirty water blockages occur, the possible damage doesn’t affect the living space of the van. Since the box can be removed and put back on the back of the van without too much effort, it is a flexible solution as well.

One of the concerns with Bath2go I have is how well it stands the test of time – wear and tear of travel and daily use. Undressing for shower and dressing after it is an exercise worth practicing if you do it in the small space inside the box.

The company behind the product must have double-checked with German officials that the product complies with the traffic regulations, but how about other countries? If someone from the Netherlands drives to Waiblingen in Germany, buys the product and makes a tour of Europe, what happens in each country?

Bath2go with shower space elevated on back of  Vito  van
Bath2go view to the entrance on back of campervan
Via New Atlas.

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