Apple CarPlay dashboard control center travels from cars to motorbikes

Managing a navigation device or a music player in a car by voice while driving is an essential safety feature, and helps the driver to relax on long road trips in unfamiliar territories. Apple CarPlay is one of these systems that let you talk to your dashboard and listen to messages from your phone and responses to your questions from the system. The CarPlay is already available in more than 200 car models, and now it is also available for the Honda Gold Wing motorbike.

Apple CarPlay in Honda Gold Wing motorbike The CarPlay relies on the computing power of a smartphone. You plug in your iPhone to the car or motorbike CarPlay system, and the smartphone becomes the brains, source of information and the communication center with the outside world for the vehicle. In order to access the CarPlay installed in a vehicle, you need an iPhone model 5 or newer.

The key features of the Apple CarPlay are the following:

    – Voice (Siri), touch screen or physical knobs on the dashboard can be used to manage CarPlay’s functions.
    – Maps and navigation.
    – Phone calls: receive and make phone calls via CarPlay (using voice commands).
    – Listen messages your phone has received and dictate new messages for your phone to send out.
    – Itunes music library.
    – Download more CarPlay-compatible apps that can be both car manufacturer and independently developed.

A list of all vehicles that come with Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay navigation, maps
The Honda Gold Wing is a legendary motorbike that is popular for long road trips and touring. Having easy access to a navigation facility, mobile phone and even music on the road is certainly welcomed by bikers.

The Honda Gold Wing 2018 model comes with a seven inch screen at the center of the motorbike’s dashboard. Naturally, on a motorbike, you don’t control the CarPlay system by poking the screen, but use voice commands and additional control buttons. The Gold Wing has a compartment for the iPhone that must be plugged into the CarPlay system. Then, the helmet headset must be connected via Bluetooth to the CarPlay. When everything is ready, the rider can control the system by voice and by pushing left hand side buttons or controls on the fuel tank.

Below, a promo video of the Honda Gold Wing briefly shows the CarPlay as well.


Apple CarPlay message from phone displayed on dashboard

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