An innovative expandable camper that you don’t have to tow behind your car

Towing a caravan is a painful, difficult and slow method of making a road trip to a camp site. For instance, on European roads, a vehicle towing a caravan is a quite rare sight nowadays. If you like the idea of having a separate place to sleep in (outside your vehicle), Hitch Hotel is an innovative expandable room that can be carried at the rear of a vehicle.

The smart innovation in the Hitch Hotel product is that when it is transported or has been stored to wait for the next trip, it takes only a little space. When it is needed at a camp site, it can be extended to a small bedroom size space. The Hitch Hotel is like a telescope that you pull from one end and it extends to its full length.

The startup company behind Hitch Hotel aims at delivering large quantities of the product by year-end 2018. It is available in the US only, priced at USD 4499 plus tax and shipping. The dimensions are (in US units):

    Closed: width 68 inches, depth 34 inches, height 50 inches.
    Opened as a bedroom: depth grows to 7 ft 4 in.
    Weight: 240 lbs.

The people who have developed the product believe it can be used as a storage space when driving. I would be careful because it changes the way the vehicle behaves. Even the empty Hitch Hotel weighs 240 lbs / 109 kg. If you add heavy items in it, there is bound to be an impact on the steering of the vehicle.

In any case, Hitch Hotel frees up plenty of space from, for instance, a campervan because you don’t have to have beds inside the vehicle. Another case are vehicles that simple don’t have enough room for beds, but are heavy and solid enough to carry the Hitch Hotel unit.

View the Hitch Hotel’s introductory video below:

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