An electric motorcycle that doesn’t fall: Lit Motors C1

Electric vehicles can come with plenty of innovation as companies like Tesla, Google and Uber have already shown to the world, but a startup Lit Motors intends to change the way motorcycles are built and ridden. C1, the planned electric motorbike from Lit Motors is designed to stay upright even when a sudden heavy impact hits it on the side.

Lit Motors C1 electric motorcycle The C1 is an all-electric motorcycle that has space for a rider and for a passenger behind the rider. The motorbike can accelerate to 100 km/h in six seconds, and its maximum speed is 160 km/h. The expected range for the C1 is 320 km which means it could be used for road trips. A full recharge of batteries takes four hours, but ordinary home electricity can be used to top up the batteries. There is not much space for luggage in the vehicle, but it is the same problem on an ordinary motorcycle.

The Lit Motors C1 is only slightly larger than an average motorbike, even though the C1 is covered like a car. The rider is protected from weather and accidents because airbags in the vehicle cushion sudden impacts.

How does a two-wheel vehicle stay upright even if it is pushed from one side or it hits an obstacle? Lit Motors explains that the C-1 motorbike has a gyroscopic stability system. Electronically managed control moment gyroscopes that are built into the floor of the vehicle generate thousands of ft-lbs of torque. The gyros are controlled by the vehicle, allowing it to lean itself into and out of turns, and stay upright when stopped.

Here is a short video clip that shows the Lit Motors C1 in action:

The motorcycle includes many car-like features, like air-conditioning and an entertainment system.

According to El Motor, the C1 motorbike will cost about USD 24 000. The vehicle has been under construction for years already, but the visionary behind the product, Danny Kim, assured that it will be available in 2018. The company, Lit Motors, is based in San Francisco.
Lit Motors C1 electric motorbike parked with other bikes

3 thoughts on “An electric motorcycle that doesn’t fall: Lit Motors C1”

  1. Your post is dated December 2017. Which is the date of your latest News from LIT-motors? (There are confusing News on Google search for said company e.g that APPLE-computers/BMW was about to buy/fund Lit-motors.)
    You announce – the C–1 hits the market in 2018 (even with an approximate pricetag!). Can you be more specific as to where it will be vavailable? — and which Month?
    Thank you for a response.

    1. Hello Ulli,
      The link (El Motor) in the post points to an article published by the newspaper El Pais that got the price information from the founder of Lit Motors. He also said that the company has a waitlist for orders.

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