An easy way to customize your suitcase into a unique product

Having a personalized product can make you feel special. No one else has the same product. Additionally, you are able to recognize yours from a sea of similar products, and if someone is thinking of snatching yours, he will think twice. This is perfect for travel gear, and especially for luggage. You can instantly find your suitcase at an airport arrival hall, or bus luggage compartment.

Firebox suitcase with custom cover shell British company Firebox has developed a product called Head Case that allows them to create new covers for suitcases. All you need is a hard shell suitcase that you want to personalize and a digital photograph that will cover your entire suitcase. The same photo will be used on the both sides of the suitcase.

suitcase tailored by photo by Firebox
First, choose a high quality photo (maybe your dog, cat, favorite flower, or even your face). The vendor recommends that the photo doesn’t have text. Upload the photo when you make an order.

Measure your suitcase and choose one of the three print sizes 45cm – 56cm (18″-22″), 64cm – 76cm (25″-30″), or 76cm – 81cm (30″-32″). The prices range from 22 to 33 euros.

The vendor will send you prints made of polyester spandex fabric. They stretch so you can cover the entire case.

This is a fun and useful product concept. We haven’t tried it yet, so we don’t know how durable it is, but maybe someone else has? And why not extend the concept to other items, like motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets, or laptops?

Via Cnet.

personalized suitcase by Firebox

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