Always wanted to drive an electric car in Paris, France? Moovin lets you pick up a Renault Zoe from the street

Renault Zoe electric compact cars available for short term rentals in Paris.

In cooperation with Ada, Renault has started an electric car sharing service in Paris. Renault provides the electric compact car Zoe and the electric miniature vehicle Twizy models to the streets of the French capital. By the end of 2018, 500 electric Zoe compacts and 20 Twizys are available for short term rentals without prior reservation for trips in Paris.

Like so many nifty services today, Moov’in Paris electric vehicle sharing service is enabled by a mobile application. After registering as a user (24 hours in advance to allow time for verifications), you can search for the nearest available car. The application gives you the address and guides you to the vehicle. Once you have completed your trip, park the car, and terminate your rental period in the app. Your payment card will be charged.

Moovin Paris rents Renault Zoe ecars via an app.
Electric car Renault Zoe.

The cost is 0.39 euros per minute. It means that driving around Paris for 1 and a half hours will set you back 39 euros. Somewhat pricey, but everything is included, even the price of electricity. Perhaps using a Moov’In Paris vehicle for about 30 minutes, when the cost is approximately 10 euros is what most people regard as a deal that beats using a taxi or renting a scooter.

Moovin Paris: mobile application map showing available electric vehicles.
Moov’in Paris mobile application shows available vehicles (tiny dots).

Since the Moov’in cars can be parked anywhere (in legal parking places) within Paris city limits, the chances are that at least one vehicle is near you waiting to be picked up. Yet, I can’t get over of a possible major headache: where to park in Paris? Moov’in says there are dedicated places for electric vehicles along the streets of Paris, but still. After looking at the live situation of available vehicles in the smartphone app, it looks like there are no cars in the city center, but they are all parked outside the center. Makes sense.

View the video clip below to see how the Moov’in service works in practice. tried it out on the streets of Paris:

01net reviewer appreciates the functionality and ease of use of the Moov’in application, but believes the service may be priced too high.

The Moov’in Paris vehicles are available from morning 5:30am until 0:30 at night. The short term rental using the app lets you have a car for a maximum period of four hour . If you need a vehicle for a longer period, it is possible to rent one from Ada by making a reservation in the app.

Renault Twizy electric car
Renault Twizy electric vehicle is easy to park.

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