Algarve in Portugal assessed as the most affordable vacation destination in Europe

Recently, Portugal has won plenty of different types of best-tourist-destination awards, and now also statistics reward the good fortune of this southern European country. Algarve, the province on the south coast, is the most low-cost European region to stay in during a vacation.
Algarve, Portugal: beach of Armacao de Pera The British 2017 Post Office Holiday Money Report rates Portugal’s Algarve province the cheapest travel destination in Europe, Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach the second and Costa del Sol in Andalusia, Spain the third.

The comparison took into account 44 destinations in Europe, which means it is definitely possible to find even more affordable places to travel to, but if major tourist destinations are considered, the top three is Algarve, Sunny Beach and Costa del Sol.

If you don’t know why Portugal’s South Coast is such a popular destination, a travel guide to Algarve shows you around the beaches, villages, mountains, castles and national parks.

An annual travel industry event for professionals, The World Travel Awards, let members vote for the best destinations and service providers. The big winner of the awards in 2017 was Portugal. For instance, these categories were dominated by the country:

The Best European Destination: Portugal
The Best Beach Destination in Europe: Algarve, Portugal

Perhaps the Algarve travel guidebook has some answers why people like to visit Portugal’s south coast? According to the book, the reason is a perfect combination of sunny climate around the year, relatively new tourism infrastructure without overbuilding or overcrowding, varying coastline, exciting history between North Africa and Europe, and perfect environment for outdoor activities.

More about the Algarve, Southern Portugal travel guide Download: Algarve, Southern Portugal - Klaava Travel Guide.

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  1. Really enjoyed your post. We”re 6 weeks into a 3 month trip. Having been through southern Spain (most of it covered in plastic) and the Algarve, we”re now heading up the west coast of Portugal. We”re hoping the north of both countries will be better but, so far, none of them come near our first love France. We”re looking forward to getting back to well-kept aires in the thick of the town or village, rather than a stony car park (no facilities) on the very edge of the action. France wins hands down! Paul

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